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RealTime Retail

Guests Can Take Home A Piece of Their Vacation with RealTime Retail!

Guests Can Take Home
RealTime Retail provides a unique opportunity for guests to purchase items during their stay or take home a piece of their vacation experience. The hotel or resort benefits by featuring and selling everything from in-room amenities to on-property artwork. Even small items like suntan lotion are at the click of a button as guests can add to their cart and check-out with our simple and intuitive solution.
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  • Grow sales of branded merchandise
  • Offer amenities like soaps, shampoos, robes and bedding, all available for public purchase
  • Use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payment
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  • Customize templates to showcase your products
  • Attract new customers and introduce them to your brand
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  • Enable secure credit card processing via approved integrations
  • Run your retail from anywhere with our mobile store management