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RealTime Food And Beverage

Give Your Guests All-Time Access to Food & Beverages!

Give Your Guests All-Time Access to Food and Beverages!
With seat assignments in place, guests can simply reach for their phones to order anything. From cocktails to suntan lotion, RealTime F&B allows guests to have access to a variety of merchandise to customize their daycation experience, all from their pool chairs or cabanas. Menus can be constructed and arranged by meal period, specials, and dynamic packages all created by hotel staff. In addition, this module improves staff efficiency and reduces instances of staff roaming across the vast landscape of chairs, umbrellas, and sunbathers to collect orders.
Capture pre-arrival revenue for guests
  • Capture pre-arrival revenue for guests to customize their food and beverage preferences
  • Offer full menus with upsell options to increase average check
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  • Deliver food and beverage items to designated areas including pool, beach, in-room or other resort locations
  • Use branded property images and copy
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  • Monitor all orders in real-time with tracking information
  • Promote special occasion packages for holidays, birthdays, and sporting events