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Optimize the guest reservation experience with our customizable booking tool.

Restaurant Management Solution and Booking System

RTR Restaurant

Product Overview

A venue management solution specifically for hotel and resort restaurants that can configure reservations, staff, inventory, and reports for multiple venues. This powerful booking tool provides a seamless staff and guest experience.

Finally, a solution that makes it easy for guests to click, book, and experience no hiccups upon arriving at the restaurant. Unlike other booking systems, any reservation made in the RealTime Reservation system is directly integrated into the POS, opening a check on the day of the reservation without requiring any manual input or printing. This means the check is ready to go with any discounts or credits applied, allergies noted, and table assigned.

A venue management solution that can instantly collect deposits, easily configure reservations, eliminate manual work for staff, and more – for a seamless guest experience.

3 Key features that make RealTime Restaurant management different:

Seamless Integration

When the guest arrives, the check for their pre-booking opens automatically and does not need to be printed manually. The moment the guest is seated at their table, that check is opened with all saved information. Because we fully manage the check, if the guest requests a different table, moving the table in the system will automatically move the check for that guest, removing any manual work normally required to make that change.

Direct Deposit

Our direct integrations into industry-leading POS, PMS, and CC processors allow us to collect deposits and send them directly to your bank account. In addition, the tokenized CC allows you to easily charge for last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

Automated AI Insight

Our software includes a built-in AI feature that allows you to ask questions to gain insights about the performance of your restaurant. You can search for specific key terms or reviews from websites to help improve response time and paint a picture of what your guests are saying and how to improve your weaknesses.

Sample questions:
What is the overall sentiment of the reviews?
Can you summarize the main points of the reviews?
What are the most praised features of the product according to the reviews?
What are the most common complaints or criticisms in the reviews?
How do the reviews compare to each other?
Are there any repeated issues mentioned across multiple reviews?

Additional key features and benefits:

View and manage available reservation times to sell out empty tables and maximize covers.

Avoid challenges with an easy-to-use table and floor plan tool that updates in RealTime.

Collect covers in advance and process payments instantly.

Integrate directly into your POS, PMS, and CC processor to view total customer spend.

Elevate your service by empowering staff to view customer information beforehand including allergies, diet preferences, past orders, and more.

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