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Curated Experiences

Local, ready-to-go recommendations for guests / show guests the best of what your local area has to offer!

RTR Curated experiences

Product Overview

Provide guests with a singular space to view over 7,000,000 real-time local recommendations by displaying information and directions to nearby restaurants, attractions, parks, event venues, and more.

Allow guests to browse through thousands of carefully selected recommendations that include local points of interest and nearby events.

Utilize geographical-based intelligence to allow your property to offer more curated, local activities and upcoming events to your guests. RealTime Local empowers every type of property from urban hotels to luxury beach resorts to share their locations with our extensive database of amazing local excursions, tours, and activities. Display everything in one place, organize by category, and choose how to provide guests with this unlimited source of experience potential.

With RealTime LOCAL, get ready to embark on a journey to create an easily accessible portfolio of unforgettable guest experiences.

Capture pre-arrival revenue

Improve guest experience with detailed mapping, on-screen pricing, choice of amenities, and customized food and beverage

Eliminate double booking

Allow guests to choose specific cabanas, pool chairs, or daybeds

Increase operational efficiency

Maximize yield pricing and unit revenue

Create rental revenue from areas/structures that were once unrentable

Implement dynamic pricing

Design packages with amenities for special occasions

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