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ARROW Ancillary Revenue Reporting Optimization Worldwide

Ancillary Revenue Reporting Optimization Worldwide
Generate Ancillary Revenue opportunities with Analytics from RealTime Reservation and SAS
Arrow Solutions
  • Applying analytics to ancillary revenues opens up new revenue streams for hotels and resorts
  • New reporting for benchmarking ancillary revenues empowers hotels to analyze data and price appropriately in their markets. 
  • This reporting will allow hotels to compete better and to drive pricing in specific areas and uncover new, additional revenue and profitability.
Arrow Solutions
  • RealTime Reservation together with SAS will be the first in the industry to offer valuable data for non-room revenue sources. 
  • This solution will serve as a premise to total revenue management
Arrow Solutions
  • RealTime Reservations manages your inventory and pricing for multiple ancillary products. 
  • RealTime Reservation collects customer data and can provide usage reports 
  • Through the RealTime Reservation solution you can identify activities, and other ancillary products or services that are driving your overall business. 
Arrow Solution
  • ARROW reports provide you with market data so you can price benchmark to your competition and evaluate and determine actionable steps 
  • Use the data to guide you to which types of activities or events to create, what channels of distribution marketing are the most successful and the steps operations need to take to implement a successful experience that drives revenue..